About Us

Who wouldn’t like an under one-roof facility that offers professional medical guidance, personalized nutritional plans and of course person-specific training programs? All this and a lot more is what we offer at The Body Shrine.

As an exclusive and state-of-the-art health space, The Body Shrine was first unveiled in the year 2016. Headed and run by Dr Sunny Shah, this 1000 sq feet luxurious and well-groomed health center has had very humble beginnings. A vague idea that was first discussed in a 10 x 10 cramped office space is today touching the lives of many.

The Body Shrine has a rather emotional backstory to it. Between 2009-2010, Dr Shah had been practicing at the government run KEM hospital. During his stint there, he observed that patients were completely ignorant about the definition of healthy foods and importance of adopting an active lifestyle. This in turn made them fall prey to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and PCOS. Medicines alone failed to do any good, which is why patients had to stay put at the hospital for days.

This is when; Dr Shah felt the pressing need to address these concerns. He decided to start small and began by offering lectures to patients and their relatives. Soon after, he sensed betterment in their condition coupled with faster discharge rates. He knew this could be the turning point for the fraternity as a whole. From here, he began a full-fledged research backed by active participation in the area of healthcare. He took it upon himself to serve the community.

Dr Shah kick started his ground research, while graduating as a sports medicine physician in September 2017 from London, right after completing his MBBS. As a part of this study mechanism and in the interest of a larger audience, he also worked with the International Olympic Committee at Switzerland in August 2018.

He returned to India as a changed person. With a never seen before zeal and an unbreakable will and commitment, he decided to reach out to people in need under the banner The Body Shrine. Ever since, he has touched the lives of multiple individuals by chalking out tailor-made nutrition and workout plans. As a doctor, he clearly understands that needs of every individual are different and thus makes sure to offer one to one customized sessions.

Dr Shah still believes that he has a long way to go. As he sets out on this exceptional journey, he is keen on gathering a lot more information and knowledge on the way. This for sure is going to add much more value to the lives and well-being of his patients.

Right from weight loss, childhood obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid to body contouring and improved sports performance, all these concerns will be addressed to their core at The Body Shrine.

People, who want to heal and for some reason have given up hopes, can now see a ray of light in the form of Dr Sunny Shah’s, The Body Shrine.

Without any further ado, book your appointment at The Body Shrine now.